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Positive support is necessary to build self-esteem in all children

LGBTQ children face enormous challenges when forced to adapt their sexual orientation or gender identity to the expectations of society.
Support from school is critical to a child's future success

Without proper support from school, LGBTQ students face increased rates of school bullying, physical confrontations, and workplace harassment. The steady drumbeat of mistreatment erodes a child's self-confidence and self esteem. Rates of attempted suicide for transgender youth (18-24 y/o) are 45% vs only 1.6% for the general population of the same age group.

All of these frightening statistics can be eliminated.

Study after study has shown that when a child is supported in their gender identity and is allowed to be themselves in school, rates of depression fall to that of the average population.

Only through the nurturing of a compassionate community, a community that values the rights of all individuals, a community that seeks to support the development of a strong sense of self worth for each person, can we hope to mitigate the challenges LGBTQ people face and promote equality for everyone.

  • Percentage of transgender people harassed in K-12 schools

  • Percentage of transgender youth who report physical attacks based on their gender identity and expression

  • Percentage of transgender population who report mistreatment or discrimination on the job or took actions to avoid who they are to avoid it.

  • Percentage of transgender youth (18-24 y/o) who attempted suicide at least once.

What is a transgender child?

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