Great Hearts Arizona has adopted a policy that discriminates against transgender students

Great Hearts biased policy on transgender students harms ALL students

Positive support is necessary to build self-esteem in all children

Transgender people face enormous challenges when forced to adapt their gender identity to the expectations of society.
Recognize the importance of a persons gender identity and expression

Without proper support from our society, transgender Americans face increased rates of school bullying, physical confrontations, and workplace harassment. The steady drumbeat of mistreatment erodes a persons self-confidence and self esteem. Rates of attempted suicide for transgender youth (18-24 y/o) are 45% vs only 1.6% for the general population of the same age group.

All of these frightening statistics can be eliminated.

Recent studies have shown that when a transgender person is supported in their transition and is allowed to express their gender identity as they see fit, rates of depression fall to that of the average population.

Only through the fostering of a compassionate community, a community that values the rights of all individuals, a community that seeks to support the development of a strong sense of self worth for each person, can we hope to mitigate the challenges transgender people face and promote equality for everyone.

  • Percentage of transgender people harassed in K-12 schools

  • Percentage of transgender youth who report physical attacks based on their gender identity and expression

  • Percentage of transgender population who report mistreatment or discrimination on the job or took actions to avoid who they are to avoid it.

  • Percentage of transgender youth (18-24 y/o) who attempted suicide at least once.

What is a transgender child?

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Support the equal rights of all Great Hearts students. All messages of support will be presented at every Great Hearts Board meeting until this is resolved.