July 4, 2017

Are you a Concerned Great Hearts Family?

It has always been our position that the Great Hearts schools are filled with caring, kind, and compassionate teachers and staff.

Unfortunately, the caring educational professionals at Great Hearts are being led by a small group of businesspeople who may not be acting in the best interest of the children that attend their schools.

The Great Hearts Board of Directors do excel at growing the corporation. But they may not be as grounded as they ought to be in best educational practices. They may not be as familiar as they should be with the latest research in medical and psychological care for children. And by passing the Great Hearts Biological Sex and Gender Policy, the corporate Board has failed to protect the children for whom they are responsible.

So, how can you object to Board policy…but still support your school?


Here are three ways you can help.

No. 1: Refuse to Sign Family Handbook

At the beginning of the school year, every Great Hearts student receives the “Family Handbook” from Great Hearts Corporate. In the Family Handbook, you will find the Great Hearts “Biological Sex and Gender Policy.” Great Hearts requests that each family sign the Handbook and return a page to the school.

I suggest that you refuse to sign the Family Handbook.

I suggest that you tell your Headmaster why.

<Here> is an example letter.

No. 2: Write a Letter

Write a letter. Send it to your Headmaster. Send it to your School Board. Send it to the Great Hearts Executive team. Send it to the Corporate Board of Directors.

Make your voice heard.

<Here> is an example letter.

<Here> is contact information for the Board, Executive Team, and Headmasters

No. 3: $end a Me$$age

The Great Hearts Corporation requests that each family pay $1500 per student per year as part of their “Community Investment Campaign.” These funds bridge the gap between the taxpayer funds received and operating costs.

It is likely that your school has a Parent Service Organization (PSO) that helps support your school. The PSO is made up of dedicated and caring parents who directly make a positive impact on every student in class.

Instead of funneling a gift through Great Hearts Corporate, why not make a donation to your Parent Service Organization instead? Your donation will still remain directly within your school and may be tax deductible. (Check with your local PSO for details.)

Until Great Hearts Corporate makes drastic changes to their Biological Sex and Gender Policy, you can continue giving back to your school financially by donating those “Community Investment Campaign” funds to your PSO. The funds will remain 100% within the school and the message to executive management and the Board of Directors will be clear.