August 4, 2018

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Below are some news articles covering our efforts so far.

April 2017-Present

Transgender Student Says Arizona Great Hearts Academies’ Policy Is Discriminatory

When Tim returned for his senior year, he didn’t think identifying as a transgender male would be a problem. No one at his charter school, one of the five high schools operated by Great Hearts Academies in Arizona, had ever mentioned any rules.

ACLU Urges Against Scottsdale Partnering With Great Hearts Academies On Park

Supporters of LGBTQ rights are urging the city of Scottsdale not to partner with one of Arizona’s most prominent charter school organizations on some sports facilities because of what the group calls its “anti-transgender” policy.

Scottsdale Councilwoman: Great Hearts Must Change Transgender Policy To Partner With City

A Scottsdale city councilwoman says one of Arizona’s largest charter-school organizations must change its policy for transgender students to get her support for a new athletic facility. On Tuesday evening, the City Council gave the go-ahead to begin conversations on partnering with Great Hearts Academies to develop a piece of city-owned property near the DC Ranch community in north Scottsdale.

Arizona Republic
Transgender bathroom controversy muddles Scottsdale park deal



Great Hearts’ Anti-Transgender Policy Lacks Heart, Critics Say

Jude Stone loves drama. The Great Hearts Scottsdale Preparatory Academy alum was active in his school’s theater club before he graduated last spring. He loves the stage. He savors the applause. He flourished playing Donald Navadel last spring in the academy’s production of the 1936 comedy An Idiot’s Delight.

My Turn: My transgender daughter was forced to leave her school

My Turn: My transgender kindergartner is lucky, having found a school that’s willing to support her. But it wasn’t always that way. My daughter is lucky. At 5, she’s a new kindergartner and has headed back to school like millions of kids around the state.

Great Hearts Academies Policy On Transgender Students Angers Some Alumni

Hannah Duncan said she got a great education at Veritas Preparatory Academy – one of 28 charter schools in Arizona and Texas run by Great Hearts Academies. So when the 24-year-old alum heard from a transgender student about his time there, she was disconcerted.”The discrimination he was experiencing, it made me really concerned about the direction the school was going,” Duncan said.

Parents, Allies Crash Great Hearts Gala, Protest Anti-Transgender Policy

Robert Chevaleau stood tall in the twilight in front of the Chateau Luxe event venue where Great Hearts Academies was hosting its annual fundraising gala. The father of two was giving a speech about how Great Hearts Academies’ “sex and biological gender” policy was discriminatory toward transgender students.

Great Hearts Academies pulls out of controversial Scottsdale park plan

CLOSE Great Hearts Academies announced Wednesday that it will pull out of a controversial park proposal with Scottsdale in the DC Ranch community. Instead, the charter-school network will purchase land adjacent to Scottsdale Preparatory Academy for a new K-5 school and a sports complex.

Some Great Hearts Students Join Anti-Transgender Policy Protest, Others Shout ‘MAGA!’

About 20 protesters just outside of Great Hearts Veritas Preparatory Academy in Phoenix were swarmed Friday afternoon by a politically diverse group of teen students. Hannah Duncan, a 2011 Great Hearts graduate, admitted part of the draw could have been the free brownies.

Great Hearts Academies face backlash over transgender policy

On Friday, Oct. 27, Great Hearts Academies alumni, parents and transgender activists gathered for a public demonstration outside Veritas Preparatory Academy in Phoenix to protest Great Hearts’ transgender student policy. Enacted in June 2016 – one month after President Barack Obama’s administration provided guidance on how schools should protect the rights of transgender students – Great…

The many ways Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting against transgender student equality

For years, anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has led a national crusade to block transgender students’ access to school restroom and locker room facilities that align with their gender identity. Media Matters takes a look at ADF’s insidious attacks on transgender student equality over the last year.

LGBTQ Advocates Cautiously Optimistic Great Hearts Will Change Trans Policy

LGBTQ advocates are optimistic one of Arizona’s largest charter school networks will change its policy for transgender students.Great Hearts, which runs more than two dozen schools in Arizona and Texas, has faced criticism since its board of directors passed a “biological sex and gender” policy that some call discriminatory.

Advocates Say Great Hearts is Dropping Discriminatory ‘Sex and Gender’ Policy

Parents and advocates for transgender students lobbied the leadership of Great Hearts Academies for months last fall. They held a protest outside of the charter school’s ritzy annual fundraising gala. A group of alumni wrote an open letter to Great Hearts that blamed “the prejudices of certain board members” for ignoring student well-being.

Arizona Great Hearts Academies Charter School Removes Controversial Transgender Policy

One of Arizona’s largest charter schools has removed a controversial transgender policy for its students.Great Hearts Academies had faced push back for its “biological sex and gender” rules, which some called discriminatory and anti-transgender.The charter school network’s board of directors adopted the policy in June of 2016 amid the national debate over so-called “bathroom bills” in places like North Carolina.