August 5, 2016

School Resources

These resources are available for download.

They are designed to help teachers and administrators create a teaching environment supportive of all students.

Welcoming Schools Starter Kit

Human Resource Council (HRC) has developed a comprehensive guide for K-12 schools.

Welcoming Schools is a comprehensive, LGBTQ-inclusive approach to creating respectful and supportive elementary schools for all students and their families.

Welcoming Schools is one of the few resources for elementary schools that provides professional development and resources on:

  • Embracing Family Diversity
  • Creating LGBTQ-inclusive Schools
  • Preventing Bias-based Bullying
  • Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Students

The Welcoming Schools approach is grounded in research that links improved academic achievement and social-emotional well being with an inclusive school climate.

Download: HRC – Welcoming Schools Starter Kit


Schools in Transition

The ACLU, HRC, National Education Association, and other professional organizations have created a guide to help schools educate themselves as they become more aware of the need to recognize transgender and gender non-conforming students.

Supporting Transgender Students

Today’s society is recognizing the experiences and needs of transgender people as never before. This trend is most evident in our nation’s schools, where an increasing number of transgender and gender-expansive students live openly as their authentic selves. At the same time, parents, students, educators, administrators and other stakeholders are working together to determine the best ways to support these students.

This guide highlights best practices while offering strategies for building upon and aligning them with each school’s culture.

Download: Schools in Transition

Website: via Human Resource Council

Model Transgender School Policies

Click here for examples of model policies that create a supportive environment for all students.