August 2, 2016

US Department of Education – Letter on Title IX Compliance

On May 13, 2016, the United States Department of Education, in cooperation with the US Department of Justice, sent a letter directed to all schools nationwide to clarify Title IX provisions of the Federal Code. This was sent in response to growing confusion by school districts as to how best to protect the civil rights of transgender students while defending the right to privacy for all people.

The policy on transgender students adopted by Great Hearts Arizona ignores this guidance.

Rather than abide by Federal law, Great Hearts has unilaterally decided to marginalize a population of their students, to strip the transgender students who attend their schools of their dignity, and to perpetuate a societal bias against transgender people.

The Board of Directors has created an unhealthy and dangerous environment for their students.

Below is the letter discussing the provisions of Title IX.

Department of Education – Letter on Transgender Students – May 2016